A glance over the horizon.

Just to once again thank you all for taking the time to read this blog and look forward to developing it with you. I’ll be looking forward to the next hoping it is more rewarding of my efforts than this year has been. Starting this blog last week has given me a focus and sense of optimism heading into 2013, mainly because my efforts are now centred on my main passion.

Whatever it is you have planned or wish to do, here’s wishing it goes well for you. If, like me, you believe in God, then commit it to him and work at it, never giving up. And make plans, plans, plans. Write things down, edit them and make ammendments if need be, but don’t veer too much off course.

For me, it’s writing and putting on more (short) plays as well as prose-based stories in addition to my script work.

I’m hoping that whatever caused 2012 to be a largely rubbish year disappears with it and 2013 is a great one… Or even a good one.

Happy New Year.



No time like the present (or near future)

My first bit of literature is a script, called ‘INEVITABILIS’, latin for ‘The Inevitable’ (at least that’s what the translator said, because they didn’t teach it in my school). I originally wrote it in 5 parts with the intention of producing it as an online drama.

Some advice from an old friend and a subsequent meeting with an independent filmmaker/producer (and no, I’m not going to name him) led to me combining the parts into one 27-page short film.

For the purposes of this humble blog, I’m going to split them into 5 parts again. For those who have already seen this, I always played a little game with them, called ‘Guess Where The Cliffhangers Were’, with varying levels of success. Hope you enjoy this little journey I take my characters (and you, the reader) on.


Running after Walking

As far as introductions go, you won’t find anything particularly remarkable about this blog. What you will find is an aspiring writer who has decided to share his stories. They will mostly be of a fictional nature, and will take various forms* but depending on how much I am moved to publish them, I may include a few anecdotes (respecting the privacy of my friends and family). I enjoy creating characters and taking them on journeys as well as just telling stories in general, and perhaps others will enjoy reading them.

I don’t know how long this will go on for or what it will evolve into, but if you have taken time to read/follow this, then thank you. 

* Sections and chapters of prose/novels and scripts.