No time like the present (or near future)

My first bit of literature is a script, called ‘INEVITABILIS’, latin for ‘The Inevitable’ (at least that’s what the translator said, because they didn’t teach it in my school). I originally wrote it in 5 parts with the intention of producing it as an online drama.

Some advice from an old friend and a subsequent meeting with an independent filmmaker/producer (and no, I’m not going to name him) led to me combining the parts into one 27-page short film.

For the purposes of this humble blog, I’m going to split them into 5 parts again. For those who have already seen this, I always played a little game with them, called ‘Guess Where The Cliffhangers Were’, with varying levels of success. Hope you enjoy this little journey I take my characters (and you, the reader) on.



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