Inevitabilis (Part Three)

Please find Part 3 of 5 attached.
As you have no doubt noticed, the action hasn’t moved from Matt’s flat (and a little spoiler: it largely won’t) . This is a deliberate choice on my part. Ordinarily with online dramas and soaps (such the Katemodern and the more recent Runaways) the writing is fast-paced, the idea being that as much action should happen in a short time frame as possible. Television is fast paced in these times of commercial and advertising so the internet should faster, right?

Perhaps but I wanted to see if interest could be built and sustained by building tension in the moment. Could the reader (or viewer) breathe with Matt, feel their heart beat with his or with the ordinary clock or feel what he feels in the upcoming confrontation with Russ, the person who has made him so scared.

I often advise people when reading this to do so when it’s quiet or a little dark. It isn’t full of  shouting and shrieking and the directions are in-depth, theatrical almost to paint as vivid and ‘trapped’ feeling as possible. Whether that is achieved or not is subjective.

Lastly, you wouldn’t have failed to notice that part 2 is significantly shorter than part 1. In short, this is because when putting the parts together, I took two short scenes involving Suzy and Evie out. They weren’t bad scenes but I decided that by taking the action out of the flat prior to Russ’ arrival, it could distance the reader from Matt’s fear. I may put them up in future but till then, hope you enjoy Part 3.

*Link No Longer Exists* See post titled ‘Inset Title Here’


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