Due Shortly

Thanks for reading and keeping up with this humble blog. I wanted to update this sooner but such is life, I find myself only able to do it now.

Part 5 of Inevitabilis will be updated very shortly and hope you’ve enjoyed the previous 4 parts, as well as the accompanying tidbits introducing you to my literary thought process.

As to what will come after, I’ll be revisiting some of my previous works as well as developing some ideas that fall outside of my ‘norm/comfort zone’.

The first is a short play I wrote and produced about 7 years ago, called ‘One Night’. It was actually the first ‘few people, few locations, few scenes’ story I developed and I enjoyed it. Some of those reading this blog were actually in it, so hope they remember it. However, I’ll be writing this as a (very) short story, rather than a scripted play. Just to toy with formats.

There is something about the ending to the story that requires explaining, but that will be for another time.
Till then, please look out for Part 5…


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