Not Quite Done Yet

Convention would suggest we’re past the point where it’s totally acceptable to (genuinely) say Happy New Year, so thank God I’m not conventional 🙂

2013 has gone (and good riddance, I say) and along with it the things that made this humble outlet no priority at all. But that’s not to say it didn’t have its positives. It did, and they mostly centred on writing. I’ll keep my counsel on that for now, but here we are.

Reading over my older posts, I realised that I left a few things in the air and it’s best to address them.
Firstly, there’s the issue of ‘INEVITABILIS’, and the final part that was not posted. Thinking about it, I may not post it, as I can’t shake the feeling that it may see a camera sooner rather than later. And what kind of spoiler would I be if I posted all of it?

As for the novelisation of an old script of mine, I’ll cover that one day. I’m leaning towards another old story/treatment of mine. It’s in it’s embryonic stages. I took the decision quite recently to actually do it, but then realised I had to consider a few things:

*The narrative voice. A script doesn’t have one as such, rather my scripts will describe a scene and let the characters talk. Therefore I need to develop an effective one.

*Its an umbrella story that affects a whole community of youngsters. It was centred on the death of a woman, who is connected to a diverse set of characters in diverse ways, and each of those would be revealed to you, the reader/viewer, but not necessarily to each other. But then the sublime Broadchurch happened, so I’m making fundamental changes to the fate of several characters. Including that of the woman in question, who is now not dead. Rather she is hanging on and a constant source of fear to a fair few people.

*It can be argued that shopping a novel is more difficult than shopping a script (especially without an agent) so when this is eventually complete, I will need to consider very carefully my next course of action. There are potential avenues that I may explore so I’ll have fun with that.

In addition to the above, I have a few newer short scripts knocking around and a couple of other ideas knocking around my (warped) mind. I look forward to sharing some of those with you.

I have a good feeling about the rest of this year (literary-wise, anyway) so I’m wishing you, my reader and friends, a Happy 2014.


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