Hard Knocks and Three Knocks.

Just before I started tapping away, creating this particular post, I counted 625 days since my last one. In that, I promised myself (and any reader) that I’d do all sorts of wonderful things with the writing and this blog.

Well, life knows better and here I am, those number of days later, quite a bit having occurred professionally and personally. Though I do come with a bit of a writing anecdote. 

As you have observed, the majority of this outlet has centred on INEVITABILIS, as it was the most polished of any of the projects and the one I had formed a creative attachment to. That’s not to say the others in existence did not hold personal value.

I did observe however, that any call for scripts and samples of work would be for projects that did not exceed 10-15 minutes. And INEVITABILIS is, shall we say, quite involving and woven, where every sentence uttered and detail matters in the short term as well as the long term. Any attempt to reduce the script could hurt it. 

So I took the premise and created a much shorter story, with working titles that included ‘No Choice’, ‘Final Choice’ and ‘Knocks’ a (not-so-subtle) play on Fort Knox and the sense of not being able to escape, before settling on ‘THREE KNOCKS’. Make no mistake, though. It’s not a hastily constructed trio of pages. The choice of name also allowed the pattern of 3 to be explored. After writing it, and much to my relative amusement (but very little surprise) I found more of an interest in it than its older, bigger ‘sibling’.

After it being in existence for quite a while, I happened upon a call for writers on a well-know production website and almost unconsciously, I sent an introductory covering letter that mentioned both the scripts. The response to it all has been more positive than I have been used to for a while and has kick started a process that, subject to any last minute changes or occurrences, is leading THREE KNOCKS to the medium of short film.

A start-up production company, led by two young and ambitious people have seen something in the script and I’m guessing the short length was part of the appeal (avoiding the obvious joke that comes with that sentence, lol). God bless them, they were patient with me, when my caution (having not been in this position before) led to me forensically dissecting every thing they said and querying their intent when they simply could have moved on. But I consider it a strength of their character more than a strength of the script, but all being well, you may see one day 😊 Of course whatever happens, I wish Andoni and Tiffany all the best. They have kept me informed in regards to casting of characters (by way of audition/casting footage) and I’m genuinely excited to see what happens with this (as well as any other potential projects as long as they are accessible, because they will go far). I’ve deliberately kept my consultation on this to a minimum so as to not potentially impede their vision/interpretion of the material. Their vision being one I trust a great deal. 

So that’s the main update, writing-wise, and I’ll endeavour to keep them coming as things develop. 

Thanks for reading .

** Just to confirm, you won’t find the script for THREE KNOCKS on here as I have signed it over to these guys**


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