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It’s Wednesday night (probably Thursday morning by the time I post it) and I can’t think of a ‘witty’ title so for now, that’s what we have…

I start off by giving thanks to God…

In my previous blog entry, I revealed interest from a start-up production company in my very short short (don’t worry, I won’t break into song) called THREE KNOCKS, that I described as a sibling to INEVITABILIS. 

In a bit of an update, it has been filmed and I’ve been sent 7 stills/screencaps. For rights reasons, I can’t post them here but they paint a very dark and suspenseful scene. There is some real talent on show and involved here and I still can’t quite fathom that all of this is happening. The guys all seem happy with what they have, footage-wise and I think I can allow myself a bit of excitement.

Not just because Three Knocks is becoming ‘a thing’ but also because it’s looking as if INEVITABILIS will as well…

In what could be my last (and thankfully non-numerical) reference to the previous post ‘Not Quite Done Yet’ I stated there that I probably wouldn’t post Part 5 of INEVITABILIS as I had a feeling it could see a camera one day. So, subject to sorting out a few things, the guys could start working on it in the new year. 

What this also means is that I will likely need to remove the links for Parts 1-4 as well. 

So here we are, a continued case of ‘Watch this space’ and hopefully there will be more positive updates. And I’ll continue to be thankful to God.

Thanks for reading and maybe one day, in the ideal circumstance, you’ll see and like my shorts and short shorts (stop it, now, lol)…


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