Audience of… How Many?

Greetings to readers and glances alike and thank you for taking a look.

So, the (as-yet-untitled) script has been read (by more people than I envisaged) and the general response has been a good one. Of course, it being a first draft, there was feedback and notes alike. The important thing is the deviser and I appear to be on the same page so once I get full notes, suggestions and the rest back, a fully formed script should be developed.

At times, I can forget that I’m not writing for an audience of 1 so while I may get references, not everyone can so here begins the balancing act of giving more information without being overexpisitional.

One thing that been reccuring since the beginning is that of the names of the characters. After lots of search engine enquiries- to ensure defamation doesn’t occur 😂- I came up with names that hopefully fit the characters. All bar one of them have been retained so my (warped) mind has to come up with something that can stick. I have one or two in mind so Google (and other similar, just-as-any-competent search engine) beckons. 

As it does in regards to the name of the script. Watch this space…

A glimpse into the world of very early stage conception, I was opportuned to briefly meet the would-be producer of this short (but less short by the day) film. In those few moments, I think the magnitude of making even a short film hit Kadeena. Even me a bit. Both he and Kadeena had pages of notes, doodles and figures that I resisted the urge to try and read. Lol

And lastly, I was shown a picture of one of actors, so it was good to put a face to a character. All we need is a name! 🙈

So thank you for reading.


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