A Lesson In Revision

Before I get to the main post, for those keeping track of THREE KNOCKS… Yes, it’s still a thing and I’m informed it’s subject to the ‘final touches’ by the editors so when it’s ready, I’ll be able to view it and provide a review of the finished short film. The film itself, I think I would require specific permission to post here, one I would be very lucky to be granted, so for now a review will suffice. Where that is concerned, watch this space.

What this has shown me is I really know little about the process of film production. That a script barely covering 3 pages can, all in all, take 5+ months to film and produce. What I am also learning in more recent times, is writing may be one of the more straightforward aspects of creating a film, short or otherwise. But even that can be subject to challenges and lessons in revision. Which takes me nicely onto the main point of this post…

Rewind to Friday evening, shortly after my return from work and my phone rings. Upon seeing budding director, Kadeena’s name, I immediately knew something was up. Most of our talking, up to that point, was done face-to-face, so I braced myself for a new, unknown challenge. Perhaps one of the ‘logic-bridging’ dovetailing additions I made to the draft has diluted the message or altered reader/viewer perception of our main character? Perhaps the name I have suggested for the film was wholly unsuitable as well as provocative? 

No, it was something that would affect me but it wasn’t immediately obvious.

“I didn’t get the budget I wanted!”

I’ll admit my response (though not articulated) was a confused “Oh, ok?” 

But when it was spelled out to me, I could see the impact it would have across the board. For one thing, she cannot go a penny over the budget she has been given so that is a challenge in itself. I personally believe that it is a deliberate aspect set by the course: let her work out a budget, then say she can’t have it and see how she manages 😳 A lesson in the world of film making, perhaps? 

Amongst the issues it would cause regarding the use of actors, how much time could be used to film and edit, there is the small matter of the script needing to lose 9 pages. Now that is where an issue could lie where I’m concerned. 

I have no issues writing to brief (though being invested in the project helps) so whatever I’m asked to do, I’ll try to help but this is very detailed and specific and Director has said there is nothing she wishes to remove. Of course she appreciates that she will have to in order to achieve anything resembling the quality required. 

Though this means I would have to begin, essentially from scratch, on a (vastly) revised story, I very much relish the opportunity. 

So there you go, a lesson in revision.

Will keep you posted. Wish me luck…


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