“Written by…”

A moment I’d pictured in my head so many times over the years. On the screen, small and big, and on the front cover of a book. How would it actually feel? As opposed to the standard ‘weird’ I’d said out loud. 

Well, last week Wednesday, I was able to provide the answer. For on the night, I saw the first showing of JUDGEMENT as part of the BA Directing Showcase (Night One) at the Platform Theatre near Kings Cross. 

Because there were multiple day showcases of 2 short films and a live play (A play I’m told was delightfully bonkers) that I sadly didn’t get to see. 

Of course, the 10 minutes and 54 seconds of film I primarily went to see came up as the lights went down and the credits rolled…

Because I’m going to get a copy as a keepsake and will show some people, I won’t detail it all but suffice to say I came away very pleased with what I saw. I’ve only seen it once but it will remain with me, even if it was to be the only time I ever saw it or if it was the only thing ever produced that I saw. It was well filmed and well acted. It utilised effectively a singular, haunting musical score at various intervals, reminiscent of the plane effect used in episodes of Lost when cutting between the island and the off-island scene. Otherwise there was silence and effective silence. One really fascinating aspect was seeing how similar or different scenes ended to coming across to how I had imagined when constructing the scenes. 

I have this rather interesting (read: irritating) habit of watching shows from the perspective of a writer and storyteller, rather than just enjoying it for what it is. In this case, it was hard not to because I knew exactly what was coming next, dialogue. The main intrigue was seeing how it came across on screen. 

Then came the end, and my name as writer. No shared credit, no script editor after it. That’s it, my first credited short film as a writer. That can go online and all sorts ๐Ÿ˜‚

How did it feel? Weird? Slightly. A bit embrassing? Not at all. The main feeling I had was relief. That a milestone, the first milestone of many (I pray) that has been reached. And of course gratitude. To God and to the assortment of pieces and people that came together to present this opportunity. Let’s hope I feel all those and more again…

So what next? 

What now?

Watch this space… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for reading.


“It’s Real To Me, Dammit!”

Here I am, the early hours of Sunday morning, and I’m just a bit excited again, as I have received a formal invite to the first night of the BA Directing showcase that will serve to unveil the short film JUDGEMENT to those keen to see it. 

This is a brief posting, for continuity purposes, and to keep that most keen of visitor (as well as anyone else who looks) to this blog, updated.

By the mid point of the week, I will have seen the 10 minute film that will hopefully show the talents of not only the director Kadeena but the actors (some of whom I was lucky to meet) and the crew, as well as genius producer, Rory Devlin, who worked flat-out for 3 days to film as well as the endless hours and days before and after to take JUDGEMENT from a rough, unnamed,  partially formed idea and script to something I pray will serve as the start of big things for all concerned.

I only considered today in any great detail how odd it will feel seeing my name attached to anything like this, whatever anyone’s views are on the scale of it. But make no mistake, I haven’t ‘arrived’ or ‘made it’ by virtue of this mini triumph. I see it as a continuation of sharing my love of writing and storytelling with people. And merely the beginning of what I hope to be a fruitful working relationship with at least one person I’ve grown quite fond of. If not an entire crew, who together will entertain and provoke in equal measure. 

If all this sounds triumphalist, or a bit daft,  it isn’t meant to, and I beg your pardon. It’s just becoming a little more real, and by Thursday or the weekend, I’ll be able to at the very least give an honest review of the short film. 

And one day soon, I’ll be able to do the same thing with ‘THREE KNOCKS’ (yes, that again) as I’m told in no uncertain terms that the next contact Andoni and Tiffany make with me will contain the completed short short  (I bet that song’s in your head now ๐Ÿ˜œ). And depending on what I see, that will determine whether I consent to them producing INEVITABILIS or whether I put it back out there and try my luck. 

Thanks for reading and see you on the other side.