Bermuda Triangle of Creativity. 

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?…

The feeling of satisfaction and optimism after Judgement was palpable. I had started to consider ideas old and new and various mediums of sharing them with those interested. 

So what happened? Real life…

This isn’t the point where I detail chapter and verse the number of things that occured, contributing to the old bane of the scribe- Writer’s Block. But suffice to say, I’m doing what some struggle to do for a long time, and that is emerge from this Bermuda Triangle (now there’s one for the kids, lol) of creativity and just like I’ve had to create order amongst chaos personally and professionally, I’m sorting my literary projects into some kind of set of bowling pins, ready to be knocked over. I promise not to use that analogy again 😂

Which brings me onto a project I have been working on (effectively pushing through my haze to do so). In short, circumstances took me to a film makers group on the interweb and to the attention of an ambitious film maker with an idea (committed to paper in rough form) that he wishes to me realise in script form. Sound familiar? Lol

There are a few differences in this idea to Judgement. The main one is the message. While an ultimately positive message (though at odds with how it is told), it does not contain the same pointed, socially-biting kick to the nether regions the former does. That is not a criticism to either Kadeena or Kevin (that’s the man in this instance) in case it reads as one. Another difference is the voice I may need to adopt. This prospective piece is very much a product of Scotland, and I’m as Scottish as I am suitable for the ‘slim fit’ suits I wear to work 🙈 so that’s been something to consider. I’ve basically found myself writing in less localised terms so far but expect that to be the subject of future edits.

The final noteworthy difference is one that I will only allude to at this point, but will say that all being well, it could lead to this being the start of something pretty big for Kevin certainly… And maybe me. One thing is for sure, slowly but surely, I’m getting more and more writing credits. I might even consider a proper CV soon. 

Wish me all the best with this one….

In other items…

*I fairly recently found 2 poems I wrote a couple of years ago for drama presentations in church and I’ll definitely be sharing them on here in my next post. One tells a story and the other does not. That’s all you’re getting for now 😜 though I wonder if re-reading those will open my mind up to more poetic endeavours in future…

*Subject to further communication, my pen maybe called upon again sooner rather than later…

*THREE KNOCKS is actually becoming a bit of running gag on here. If it wasn’t so funny it would be infuriating to some. Not to me, though. Whatever happens, that has been an experience in itself. All this palaver for a mere three minutes… Yeah, I’ll bypass that open goal ⚽️😉 lol 

*Complex: The Almost-Post-Sal Nash Story… Watch this space…

That’s all for now. Thanks reader(s) for your perseverance and patience. Until next time…. 


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