Mind The Gap

Here we go again. Another blog post after another (unacceptable?) gap so for whoever visits this humble, dust-gathering page is the recipient of much appreciation from me.

The reasons are a few in number but only one will be expanded on. That one is the script I alluded to in the previous entry, in which I acted in a similar capacity to Judgement. I took an outline (more detailed and specific in this instance) and turned it into a script. 

Almost from the day I set about constructing the script, little and not-so-little things began to create obstacles, which led to a delay. Also, for a brief time, I could not get my head into the minds of the characters in order to give them distinct voices. Quite frankly, they were saying my words, and speaking in my voice rather than their own, as characters.

Eventually, a script was completed, only for most of it to be wiped due to a now-resolved data issue. So a quick and intensive retype ensued, the result being a 24 page ‘1st draft’ that I submitted to the aspiring director/producer.

The feedback was good. More than good, in fact. The draft was accepted as final and I need not touch it again. This surprised me as I usually have to do at least a couple of redrafts so I expected notes and feedback. I guess I should be flattered and encouraged by the feedback.  

I’ve been assured I’ll be kept in the loop as to what happens going forward, including the process of getting it from paper to screen. But then, I’ve heard it before…

Which brings me to THREE KNOCKS. The running joke is at an end and I accept I’m not going to see it. Contact from Andoni and Tiffany has ceased and no response has been received to my e-mail. Because I know it was filmed, I will retain the professional writing credit it gave me and add that to the credit for JUDGEMENT (which I need to obtain as a keep sake). And on that basis, I will not make specific reference to it unless there is a development. Lesson learned going forward.

*After a week or so clearing my mind, and marking my birthday, I’m looking for any creative ideas to get my teeth into…

*There will be updates and changes to this blog so keep your eyes peeled. I may or may not, expand on the circumstances behind the proposed changes in the future.

*I haven’t forgotten about the poetry I referenced in the previous post, but as this is an ‘off-canon’ update, I thought I would wait to the next post.

Again, thanks for reading and until next time.


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