Better Late Than Never But Best To Be On Time.

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to put this out. Bad form on my part. This will the briefest of the brief, so here goes.

JUDGEMENT is in the public domain and is a very good 10:35 of YouTube airtime. The director, Kadeena, has said she was nervous about making it available, hence the delay in doing so but it is, in my opinion, a very credible initial film. One I am confident will lead to bigger and better things for her. The direction is crisp, the minimal but repeated use of background music adds to the atmosphere. The acting works very well also and a nicer, more talented group of people I could not wish to meet.

And this is said as it would have been even if I didn’t have a writing credit attached to it. 

If you get an opportunity to watch it, please do. Type ‘Judgement Film’ in YouTube and hopefully enjoy.

*I’m back to hawking my remaining scripts in the hope they speak to somebody.

*After a brief re-charge of the old imagination, I’m about to (re)embark on something I’ve spoken about ad infinitum- a novel. 2017 is going to be an interesting year in that regard.

*By the time you read this (or the next posting) this blog will look very different. It will look more like a personal website. Stay tuned.

*Last but not least, I must give time and space to my friend Ashley Martins, who has a brilliant sartorial and lifestyle blog/site at

Thanks for reading and until next time 👍🏿


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