“I thought you’d gone”

Not just the title of Episode 4 of The Bill Series 6 but the sentiment of a few in relation to this blog (and indeed my writing) such has been the state of ruin this has been in since October 2016 when I left this.

Why is that? Lack of creativity? Personal? Professional? Financial? None of the above?

Actually, it’s all of the above but most of the reasons are probably not worth recapping to you, dear reader. At least not now.

The main purpose of this re-introductory post is two-fold:

1) To put something on this page. Anything. A metaphorical kick to the shins, as it were, and

2) To ask you, kind reader, to keep this (still) humble outlet in your minds.

I have a number of tales to recount and updates to provide regarding my writing, as well as other (likely related) endeavours.

So thank you for reading and catch you soon.


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