Don’t get me wrong! It’s no bad thing to be able to rattle off a very rough idea with little more than a screen cap as a stimulus. At all 😊

And it keeps my mind busy.

This is the ‘offending’ photo sent to me on Sunday. The brief is:

*No more than 8 minutes.

*No edits.

*1 take.

My initial reaction was to mentally dismiss it, but then mere moments later, an image of a smartly dressed individual and a microphone popped into my head and, thinking I was being asked to consider coming up with something, I articulated the fact something was bubbling.

After sitting on it, and allowing the image to develop into a number of characters and a short story, I shared it with the man who sent me the screen cap (and more on him to come) and after a reaction of ‘Hahahaha’ he said it was a great idea and that it ‘must be made’

Turns out the gent wasn’t seeking ideas, per se, so yes, I managed to stumble into a new script project.

… ‘Cash Prize’ (Working Title) coming soon…

Thank you for reading and have a nice day 😊

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