Obscure festive reference out of the way… Happy Easter (weekend) and hope it has been a good period for all…

Firstly, it is best to address the relative lack of updates over the last week, with the latter of the reasons dove-tailing nicely into what will be my next post.

The first reason is the previously mentioned overseas jaunt I’m about to embark on. The preparations and lead-up have taken on a life of their own, with twists and turns worthy of my own story. But thankfully, pretty much all is ready in that regard 👌🏿

I’ve been debating whether to share some carefully selected snaps or not, but in the interest of expanding this platform, I will do so.

I’ve also been attempting to get a hold of as many of the stories as I can that we’re recommend to me in the ‘More For The Collection’ post. Please feel free to recommend any more you can think of.

One thing I did do was to take part in some in filming for a campaign that I will launch on Tuesday 23rd April in the morning and publicise as much as possible. As a consequence, I was reminded of my voice and how it sounds to everyone who is not me 🙈 I apologise to all of you 🤣

In a previous life, I trod the boards of a drama class run by the legend that is Anna Scher, and to say I’ve retained none of her amazing teachings would be an understatement. Gosh, I wish I had more time to still sit under her learning tree… point being that it started off very awkward and unnatural but did settle into a sort of rhythm. You’ll see the results very shortly and can judge yourself…

Lastly, the aforementioned campaign is in reference to ‘Get In, Get Done, Get Out‘ and the next post will coincide with its launch. Not just here but on social media. Keep your eyes peeled…

Thank you for reading.

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