Yeah, and the rest (and relaxation)

Greetings from sunny Uganda. It’s glorious outside. We are 2 hours ahead of the U.K. (and many more than that ahead of the United States, and greetings to those reading from there πŸ‘‹πŸΏ) so I’m still trying to time my commutations properly πŸ™ˆ

Yesterday was both exciting and nerve racking, as I was doing what I have been reluctant to do for a while and really put myself out there for all to see, by way of launching the Indiegogo campaign for ‘Get In, Get Done, Get Done

And I won’t fib you, dear reader, the reaction has been mixed, but still positive. In amongst the broadly congratulatory messages of support (with a few quiet promises to pledge), those with vast technical crowdfunding experience offered feedback and advice that can only make the page/campaign better.

And I look forward to seeing what the next 39 days of the campaign hold. Please continue to check for updates and share on social as you can.

As an aside, no-one should ever stick their neck out on their own work (or anything, really) if they cannot accept that they can improve further.

And that has not been more evident than the run up to this vacation I am currently on. And more specifically, in regard to the clothes I own.

I never really gave my sartorial choices a huge amount of thought over the years, but as I am now reminded on a daily basis, that good, unique choices serve as an ‘enhancer’ if nothing more.

So when the photos start to be put up on here- and they will- if I feature on them, I will no longer distract from the scenery on them 🀣

Lastly, I’m hoping to get through 2 of the books recommended in the ‘More For The Collection’ post πŸ“š

Till then, thank you for reading.


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