An Epic of Cyclone proportions…

Good morning to you all from rainy Kampala, Uganda💧

The welcome sunshine, and heat that made the hotel swimming pool a popular gathering spot for our eclectic, modern group (and I 🙈) has given way to heavy rain and flooding that caused cars to get stuck in the road and the mosquitoes to mobilise, due to the relative heat. I might as well have conversed with a couple of them when I went down for some air in the early hours.

It has caused us to not only re-evaluate our plans for today (which involve taking clothes to an orphanage, and a fashion show, in which men are, thankfully, not invited 😜) but to take a closer look at an item of news that barely registered- certainly with me- when first posted in our WhatsApp group yesterday, and will likely have a major impact on the rest of our time in Uganda (and East Africa)…

Yes, Cyclone Kenneth is due to hit Tanzania and Mozambique* this week and Zanzibar later on in the weekend.

The Zanzibar Maritime Authority have suspended all their ferry services, as of Noon yesterday, and more pertinently ‘until further notice’… so not exactly the ‘few days to a week’ some readers may be used to when services are cancelled. Then again, it is a Cyclone, so I’m not going to be silly about it.

But why is this important to us? You may ask, and you’d be right to, given the bare minimum I’ve given you so far.

A smaller group of us were due to fly from Entebbe Airport next week to Tanzania, and then take a ferry to Zanzibar.

Obviously, that’s up in the air now. Dare I say, severely in doubt, due to safety concerns as well as potential physical effects it could have on Tanzania, Mozambique and Zanzibar.

And spare a thought for Mozambique, who were devastated in March by Cyclone Idai, killing hundreds and totalling 1000 in Southern Africa.

I will keep you posted on what occurs on that front, as well as the safari we are due to go on 🤞🏿

Thank you for reading.

*Edited in draft- Cyclone Kenneth appears to have already hit Mozambique at the time of publication.

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