More for the collection…

I now have a big bookshelf. It’s massive. I mean, it’s taller than my talest friend. He’s 6’6.

We’re not taking Robert Wadlow-level gigantic (I’ll let you find out how tall he was) but it almost fills its space.

And the shelf is full of books. Of many genres and from many gifted writers. The thing is, most of those books are not mine, nor were they bought by me.

For a writer, that is pretty astounding. Poor, in fact. Such a position, along with the fact I’ll be ‘hauling behind’ to warmer climes shortly has made me realise that I could probably do with adding to my own collection.

So to you, most welcome visitor, I ask you to use the comments box below to make suggestions as to books you feel I absolutely should read, or need to read.

I’ll read every single book and post my thoughts further down the line…

Thank you for reading.

Building your name (and brand)

As I prepare to post my next writing-related entry, I thought I’d take the time to send this along. I’m sure I’ll be told if this is not permitted 🤣

As with my social media, I will only post things I believe in.

For those looking to build business and increase reach via the medium that has the biggest resonance in today’s online landscape, you could do a lot worse than the guys referenced in this post.

Give them a whirl. And if you do, tell them Lanre sent you there 😉

More promise and longevity than the Love Island couples….

My reference to the ITV dating shows begins and ends at the fact that the show’s wining couple from last year’s series, Jack and Dani, have called it a night (after briefly calling it a day a few months ago).

If my attention was not completely turned off from the show, I believe that makes it a clean sweep of all the couples, meaning my stories and scripts have more promise and longevity than anything that came from the show.

I got there in the end 🤣

My specific point of reference is the very short THREE KNOCKS, a script written a number of years ago that gained wings, but then, Icarus-like, fell out of the sky the higher it got.

Without going into specifics, I assumed back control of the script when it became obvious this was not going to see the light of day, and immediately set about putting it out there.

After a period of limited interest, I responded to an add on the Opportunities Board on the Mandy production jobs website. Sound familiar?

Not expecting any response, I went about my business and to work on other scripts. More on that in future posts.

I received a fairly comprehensive response from a young man called Sam Palmer, who said he was interested in developing it. Sound familiar?

He explained that he was looking to gather as many short scripts and hopefully create them using a lot of the same crew.

THREE KNOCKS is one of three films that could be filmed in that block over the next few months.

The (timing of the) next steps depend largely on a couple of his connections he needs to speak to, so I continue to wait and temper my anticipation.

Sam appears to be an upfront individual and I’m prepared to take him at his word. Especially as he even volunteers updates and information I don’t expressly ask for.

But, having been bitten once before, I’ve learned to approach these things with an element of caution. Fortunately, I have a couple of other endeavours to occupy my time. All creative and potentially very rewarding.

…Even if they don’t involve a villa or an island ☀️