Brief GIGDGO Interlude: Cast and Indiegogo Campaign nudge 😉

This will be a more brief post (as you all thank the Lord, no doubt 🤣)

The purpose of this post is two-fold. Firstly to introduce you to the individuals who will be bringing Peta and Elijah to life in GIGDGO.

Peta will be portrayed by Cláudia Saavedra.

Peta is described as ‘headstrong, straight talking and keeps Elijah’s head out of the clouds’.

Cláudia is more or less the catalyst of the efforts to make this short film a reality, having enjoyed the dynamic between the two characters on the page and the design of the character she will be playing.

Having seen her previous work, I’m confident you’ll enjoy seeing what she does with this character.

I knew a little less about the man who will be playing alongside Cláudia, but am looking forward greatly to working with him.

Phil Greenoak will be taking on the role of Elijah.

Having conceived Elijah as a more ‘idealistic, eternally optimistic character, who needs his feet kept on the ground’ as they embark on this ‘job’ it was important the person who plays him can encompass all that without straying into buffoon territory, especially with the story being told.

So, along with an initial recommendation, his audition stood out, mainly because with only 2 pages of the script available to him, he ‘became’ Elijah as written by me and interpreted by our director. And the decision was unanimous!

He, too, commented on the interplay between the characters (when the full script was made available to him) and the message being delivered, and he’s looking forward to bringing the piece to life.

In addition

Just a quick reminder of the Facebook page for GIGDGO

And the Indiegogo campaign page.

If you’re unable to contribute, please assist in spreading the word (if so inclined to), which would be much appreciated.

Thank you for reading.


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