Temperature upon arrival in London= 8 Degrees Celsius πŸ˜•

That, more than anything, was what I was dreading as the Airbus model plane glided through the air, the clouds increasing in number and thickness serving as a reminder.

So to alleviate the dread, I decided to focus on the experience I’d had over the previous fortnight. The positives a collection of memories I’ll hold onto for a very long time.

Such as the safari, and the sight of the lion and the pack sat with reassuring calm, no doubt used to being admired by people. (see post: PURRseverance)

That brief moment the crocodile entered into the water as our tiny boat passed it on the lake.

The orphanage that left just about everyone a little quieter, reflective and humble (see post: A Humbling Saturday)

The unique experience that was Ugandan night-life, where my solitary vision of a person wearing sunglasses inside was of a person neither Nigerian or male, thus restoring my faith in humankind 😜

The other memories will no doubt develop and morph into legend and over-exaggerated anecdotes over time.

Such as the cyclone that changed the course of part of the adventure (see post: An Epic of Cyclone Proportions), the apprehension that came from the Ethiopian Airlines accident a month prior to departure and the kidnap of the American tourists and Ugandan tour-guide at the same National Park just over a week before departure.

My body largely thanks me for the rest and relaxation I had, though my stomach is less grateful, given the opportunity to display so much range and challenge it could have won an acting award 🀒🀣

As an aside, I cannot recommend Ethiopian Airlines enough. A well run, and very professional outfit that deserves the recognition it has gotten πŸ‘ŒπŸΏ

I’m grateful to have experienced Uganda and advise people to go, even if it’s not one of the more glamorous African destinations. It’s relatively inexpensive and very busy and bustling with a buzzing nightlife most days of the week.

I’m also grateful for the people I got to bond with, an eclectic group who kept things very lively 😊

So, all of the above was a wise and welcome antidote to the dread of touching down a London temperature of 8 Degrees Celsius. That, and not needing to wear shorts and show my legs for a while πŸ™ˆ

We should all be thankful for that 🀣


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