Verse Reflection πŸ“–

When I put the above combination of words into the search engine (various available), I was directed to numerous links on ‘What the Bible says about Reflection’

Which is just as well, because I’m going to present something in a setting that is personal to me, and may also raise the ire of one or two people in that setting…

This is an inward look at something that occurs in churches. Actually, it occurs in almost all walks of life, but the literature I present is specific to churches also steeped in any specific culture. And that is judgement.

It is also presented in a form that I dabbled in briefly a few years ago, but haven’t touched much until now. You see, I wrote it as part of what was to be a series of ‘spoken dramas’ that ultimately was not presented, and opted to tell it as a story from a perspective often ignored in this particular setting- the person being judged. Please click the link below. I had posted it before but it kept changing format, and looked messy, so I linked it instead πŸ™ˆ)


I believe I wrote the above in 2014 and have sat on it for roughly 5 years, but the overarching point of asking people to reflect on (consciously or unconsciously) making people feel uncomfortable about their harmless choices stands more than ever. Whether socially, politically, religiously or any other aspect of current life.

In this case, it was a young man seeking hope and a better life, and one he determined he’d find via a relationship with God and personal salvation.

Lastly, looking into the style used above, I have opened myself up to a narrative style that I’m keen to dive into down the line. And that is Verse Narrative….

Thank you for reading.

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