“Who Am I? You Still Need To Ask?” (A Challenge)

Hello to all those who read this. Whether the U.K, Ireland, India, South Africa, various areas of Europe or the U.S.A

Thank you for dropping in and please let others know about this if you feel they might enjoy it.

Onto the reason for this post…

On the heels of my previous post (see: Verse Reflection) I knew I’d penned another reflective poem in 2014, again for performance. Unlike the previous one, this was well received by an audience, despite the delivery being as ropey as the poem itself 🤣

After trawling through my old e-mails, I located what I have now called ‘The Tool’

It strikes a very deliberate tone, so does not make the lightest of reading but again, it’s more relevant now than ever…

The Tool-1

(Note, I have edited it for language and audience consideration, as well as removing the answer to the following question)

But my question to you is “Who or What am I?” (It’s not difficult 😉)

Answers in the comments below…

Thank you for reading.

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