Crowdfunding?… IndieNoNoMore… for now.

June 6th was my last posting on this humble platform, and in the last few weeks, I’ve certainly put every fibre of my being through the mill.

I’d be fibbing if I said it wasn’t largely exhilarating, and it’s allowed me to reposition the line I can push myself to. Something it did do was reinforce my initial feelings on undertaking crowdfunding. Either you have the knack for it, or you’re like me, and very blessed to have family, friends, colleagues, and a few very generous ‘anonymous’ donors 😂

There is a flair, skill and know-how involved in hugely successful crowdfunding and I displayed little of those traits.

The campaign ended at 9:00am BST on Saturday 22nd June, and I’d never felt so much relief. Not because we’d hit or exceeded our target (more on that later) but because I’d no longer need to post, repost, share or think of ‘creative’ ways to point people towards the crowdfund or navigate specific, probing questions asked outside of the public domain. It’s also the most public I’ve been so far with something that means so much to me (since casually and quietly confirming my relationship status on New Years Eve 🤣) so my antennae was up relating to mutterings or murmurings.

Fortunately, I took on board the very helpful feedback and advice I received in the early stages of the campaign and in the end we did raise awareness and raised £810 (or $1,032)

On the surface, 54% of £1,500 looks like a middling return on the mental and physical investment, but that projected amount was the higher of two budgets we made, and even after Indiegogo take what they take from the campaign, we are still over the lower budget to make the film. So no disappointment on our side.

That being said, I think I’m going to give crowdfunding a swerve going forward. Hopefully the quality of the finished film opens a few funding doors in future as well as gets the message across.

Now the preparation for production is kicking up a gear, let’s see how much hair I’m left with 😂

To follow the progress of the film, please Like our Facebook page at

Thank you for reading.


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