Third Time’s The Charm In The Curious Case Of Three Knocks? 🤔

Three Pages.

Three Characters.

Three Knocks.

Without going into a lot of exposition (I mean, it is 1:46am BST), let’s just say that ‘Three Knocks’ has once again become more available after the latest prospective producer (who’s full name I’ll withhold, as it wouldn’t be fair to him) stated he was unable to get a team to commit to its development 🤷🏿‍♂️

Its not an unusual occurrence, especially without money/funding, etc, so no ill feelings from me.

Fortunately, my first experience in relation to this script (i.e ghosting by the duo most interested in it after seemingly making progress) put my guard up, so this development did not blindside me.

As seen above, I have the option of waiting out the potential composition of a team in the future, gauging interest from another prospective independent producer/director, or taking my own lead and producing it myself. There is a 4th option, but look out for another post shortly in relation to that and the script that will apply to 😉…

I see this as a positive, as it has once again demonstrated that I have a tight little piece that captures the imagination of film makers and tells a decent story. Plus, should I opt to wear my ‘new cap’ again, it could be made with little to no ‘hassle’

(Don’t worry, no more crowdfunding for now 🤣)

Whatever I do, it’ll have to wait until filming on ‘Get In, Get Done, Get Done’ is complete.

And look out for an update on that imminently.

Till then, thank you for reading…


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