The Business Race, finishing the Relay End, and other assorted, garbled sayings/things…

… namely, trying to put a date into a required field of a website and wondering why it wouldn’t let me move on, before realising that June doesn’t have 31 days 🤦🏿‍♂️

So yes, a good morning to you (“and if I don’t see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight”) and welcome to an update of sorts.

-Three Knocks is still shelved, but I will likely revisit that when we have concluded our current business. In the interim, I have uploaded it onto platforms such as Script Revolution, the BFI Post Room and others. It joins ‘(Un)Civility’ and ‘Calls’ as being accessible to all who wish to see them, and you never know what will happen, 🤞🏿

Platforming those scripts gets them off my computer and out there for people to see, feedback and possibly work on 😉 I’m considering putting them on here as well (like I did with ‘Inevitabilis’ years ago, and more on that to follow). It also allows me to draw a line under most of my current slate and look forward.

-We are at the ‘business end’ of preparations for ‘Get In, Get Done, Get Out’. We have navigated a drop-out (in a way I hesitated to agree to, but it should work out) and are pretty much ready location-wise, costume and prop-wise. Phil and Cláudia are regularly rehearsing, and have really got to grips with the characters of Elijah and Peta.

I deliberately didn’t give them comprehensive biographies of the characters (only the basics), as I wanted them to develop their own character chemistry, neither have I asked them to disclose what they have come up with to get to where they have. Neither of those scenarios will have a baring on how the film will turn out and they have been mostly faithful to the script (even with the leeway I’ve given them) and the mechanics of the story.

I think this will also give Director, Bálint, the opportunity to try things he has wanted to with his shots and angles. At least that’s the impression I’m getting from the conversations we are having.

Everyone has been a joy to work with so far, and I am already looking at ways to expand our professional relationship beyond this short.

Next on the list… the shooting of promotional and poster pictures, so be on the lookout for those 😊

I was unintentionally reminded of the importance of not allowing slips ups to occur in this process, by way of an anecdote from one of my colleagues who recently took part in a parents relay race and was hampered by the previous baton holder, who took a tumble, thus preventing his team from winning. Here’s praying we continue to mitigate challenges, and don’t slip, especially since we’re so close 🤞🏿

-‘Inevitabilis’ as a project is being revived. Not only that, but I am repurposing it as a novel (or novella). I took the decision a while ago, and following professional advice (from a writers group I am a part of online, called Bang2Writers), I’m reminded that the existence of characters, a narrative and dialogue, means that I have a ready-made template that can be tidied, amended, added to and expanded on. I’ve also already added to the motivation of one of the characters, which in turn, opens up many avenues. Not only that, but I always had 2 further short stories in mind as follow-up to ‘Inevitabilis’ so those will be included. And I’ll have more to say at a later date.

So exciting times ahead. You likely won’t hear too much from me until filming is complete.

Till then, thanks for reading.

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