Eternal Shine of A Fortunate Find

Why do I post the link to another post of a few months ago?

Because some of its contents form the basis of what I’m about to talk about below- plus it gets a few more clicks ๐Ÿ˜œ

In the midst of preparing for GIGDGO, the development of the idea/concept took a back seat. But given some of what was going to be covered, as well as the naming challenge, I knew it’d be one of the first things I returned to.

Then, a good deal of fortune befell this writer.

The Making Films 1 Month Challenge returned.

Now, the chances of a script of mine actually being made are as big (or slim) as the previous challenges I’ve been in, but one thing it does is get me to force a new script. And it was no different this time.

But how does it relate to the link above? I’m getting there…

Curiously inspired by (but not exactly connected to) the appointment of our own blonde, unfiltered premier, I decided to focus the short script on a local businessman who was about to act on his political ambitions, but was forced to think again.

So far, so basic. Then, I was struck by this idea I was about to revisit (and name either ‘Affliction’ or ‘Truth Calls’), and decided to merge it with this and turn it into an examination of the protagonist. As a consequence, and the element I had transposed, the ending changed also.

It still flows and I scripted enough movement so it’s not stilted, even if there is a lot more dialogue than I would normally write.

The result is ‘Must Not Run’ and it’s as heavy as I thought it would be.

I was not sure it would garner much interest, especially as the treatment reads as typical political thriller stuff, but so far it has, mainly from actors and a composer. Even after reading the script, which varies slightly from the treatment. All that is missing is a director.

So, as with ‘Calls’ and ‘Three Knocks’ before, we’ll see what happens.

Thank you for reading.


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