The answer is to follow. What is the question?…

…Now what?

That was what came to my mind after I submitted (and tidied up) yesterday’s reflective post.

I’d worked most of the year towards turning one of my scripts into a short film, and ended up doing 2.

In that time I’ve made friends and connections I’m hoping to help as much as they are willing to assist me, for which I am immensely blessed.

So, examining what had been achieved, I looked towards the end of the year and what I’d like to accomplish.

Some of it is personal, but by stating the writing-related items here, I am making a commitment to realising them:

*I’ve already started developing some of my ideas, and turning them into short stories. It’s my aim to have them in some kind of publishable form by the end of the year.

*It’s repetitive but necessary to mention that Inivitabilis, increasingly taking the form of a novella, is gathering pace, certainly in terms of formatting and structure. It’s complex/convoluted enough that it requires that attention. Also, because I’ve never written down the subsequent part(s) and I wish to include that. This I am particularly excited about.

*And finally, Christian fiction. I have a couple of ideas pottering around but am unsure of the best way to format them or even if to do them. The reasons are more than one. I would have ideally presented them in script form. However, the immediate platform I have to present them have clearly-defined ways of delivering to a clearly-defined audience, so my storytelling style will not resonate.

Secondly, I’ve been advised more than once that doing Christian fiction is a first class ticket to pigeon-holing. Christians will only expect that from me going forward and non-Christians will immediately disqualify me going forward.

Lastly, any fiction that does not represent or show the most uncompromising voices or hypocritical actors within the faith will be viewed as a puff or fudge by some outside of it, due to those people being given the most ‘popular’ coverage. And a few within the faith might question why I’m giving fair voice to those they do not agree with or judge and my possible choice not to inflict the worst punishment on the characters 🥵

I think I might have a solution to all of that, but to be confirmed…

Of course, that leaves my remaining short scripts, ‘(Un)Civility’ ‘Must Not Run’ and the half completed ‘Cash Prize’. ‘Must Not Run’ has clearer future potential in terms of actors and directors should I choose to produce it. The other 2 I will need to sit down and decide where their future lies.

That, and wanting to use my writing to do something lasting, nice and very specific for at least 2 people who mean the absolute world to me 🤫…

So, yes. What now? There’s 👆🏿your (and my) answer…

Thank you for reading…


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