… So, my writing didn’t feature 🤦🏿‍♂️

So as to tie up the dangling thread of my journey to Thailand, I’ll state that it was such a great experience that a long post on it with a smattering of photos will not do it justice.

And, as emphasised on a mentally-draining, confidence-smashing, but potentially rewarding professional course last week, people simply don’t have time to sit and ingest one person’s thoughts, however it is written. So going forward, my posts will be shorter and punchier.

I’ll save my words for something else 😉

Back to Thailand, the weather was largely great, having just missed the monsoon season upon arrival. Visits included a Buddhist temple, an elephant sanctuary- specifically chosen because they were rescued, were not chained or flogged, and riding of the magnificent animals was not permitted, but we fed, muddied and washed them- and Phi Phi island where your’s truly snorkelled (for the first and probably last time), rode on a speedboat and took in a mountain of traditional food.

Not that you’d believe it to see me now 🤣

So, a combination of that plus relaxing and enjoying the hotel meant there was shockingly little time to write.

I did make an action plan of what I wanted to do creatively and I will soon have a few interesting things to disclose…

I also took time to meditate on ALL other aspects of my life, where I am now and where I want to be. And it looks like I have a few tough (and one or two very easy 😉) decisions to make…

Till next time, thanks for reading…