Sorry, not that kind of Trading 🤣…

Shares and trading has always been a mystery to me. I looked at the pages and apps and it simply didn’t register.

Plus, I have all the luck of a bad chancer, so I would invariably choose unwisely.

However, my situation is not your situation, so if you fancy taking a look at a strong and reliable site, feast your eyes on…

Even better if you have knowledge of this sector.

And say that Lanre sent you.

It won’t get you anything extra, or me anything whatsoever, but I’ve always wanted to say that 🤣

Thanks for reading.


Sharing Is Caring…

Happy New Year to those who visit this page. Don’t think it’s too late 🤣

I’m not one for New Years Resolutions, as I personally seek to improve and get better all year round.

And that includes my writing, of which I’m going in one or two different directions in the immediate future. Watch this space.

One of those different directions is the sharing of this passion of mine.

I hope I won’t need to link to this too often but just to keep you abreast of this development.

I’ve created a profile on the freelance site Fiverr, and hopefully, for a small amount, I can help those who wish to have story outline or script created.