Open goal?… How about Open Up?…

For the longest time, I’ve wished I had more hours in the day to dedicate to my writing and make my plans and ideas a reality.

‘If only I could work from home more, cut down on travel and use more of my free time to write short stories, write a novel perhaps, etc’ would be the thoughts crossing my mind, thus forming the reasons for being stuck in the middle of the creative road.

However, the very nature of our daily existence has changed (possibly forever), and at least for now, I work exclusively from home and I don’t travel unless it’s absolutely essential. I have all the time I’ve asked for, and until this weekend, I’ve not been writing like I should.

So, those reasons I identified earlier may not have been reasons after all. They could be seen as excuses. Have I become the literary equivalent of Fernando Torres against Manchester United in 2011 (or Ronny Rosenthal against Aston Villa in 1992 for those who want a more vintage reference) and missed an absolute sitter when it comes to converting the extra hours into fiction?

Given the overriding reasons for the extra hours, and the general concern, and tragedy it has fostered, perhaps the inability to get writing up to now can be explained.

In any event, I think it’s time to open up this platform again to those who have been interested in it, in my writing and for me to open it up to you.

What does that last bit mean? Well, each post has a comment section that I will be inviting you to use in relation to topics or comments I post or possibly just an open forum to express ourselves and spread kindness. I don’t have a fully formulated plan, but rather I’m being led by how I feel or what I see on my friends’ platforms.

I may also take a ‘straw poll’ and start to add broader topics to this page.

In addition, I will post every bit of writing I come up with henceforth and may also make authors out of all of you with interactive storytelling.

I don’t promise this will work, but I will try to ultimately make this platform about us, rather than just me. And I will try to assist in spreading a bit of hope and kindness during these trying times.

Thank you for reading.

* PS: I have no control over the ads that appear at the bottom or within any of my posts, so I apologise in advance if any of them are inappropriate given what is happening and ask you not to click them if you spot them *


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