Open Forum: Experience (Part 1)

Hello all,

This is what will likely be the first of a few open forums that deal with the current situation. Particularly our experience of social distancing, lockdown, self-isolation or however your country is dealing with things.

It is an open and inclusive forum and you are free to utilise the comments box to express yourself. Whether it be anecdotes or stories detailing your overall experience, exercises, recipes, TV or film suggestions, books or anything similar.

We’re also here for each other, so whatever your level of coping, hopefully something here can raise your spirits 😊

I don’t intend to censor anything (and please feel free to use pseudonyms, and pen names for the sake of privacy) but I am trusting that we will be supportive and act responsibly.

Hope this is useful to us.


One thought on “Open Forum: Experience (Part 1)

  1. At the begining of Corona in the UK specifically, we highlighted at every chance the selfishness in people hoarding, causing panic and not thinking smart. The time at home and across many media’s has shown that those people still exist and will continue to but I have started to ignore them (as much as one possibly can do), and have started focusing on all the good out there. There are so many good people out there that do so much good (NHS for one) as their every day work and just because they’re good people. After Corona “finishes” I will have to revisit the mindset that has been so current, family time being so important, smiling at people so much more and seeing the world for what it is. Sorry for the tangent but don’t ever stop writing Lanre it’s one of your greatest talents and definitely helps me reflect even without the obvious current situation.

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