Extra Significance 🙏🏿🍫🐣

For those raised on Christian scripture, today represents that resurrection of Jesus Christ and the instruction given to the disciples (Matthew 28:1-20).

For others, it’s normally an opportunity to join up with family and enjoy a long weekend here or abroad.

And let’s not forget, Easter Eggs, and the Easter Bunny (who is hopefully out in full protective equipment this year 😉).

Whatever Easter means to you, I think we can agree that this year, it is just a tad different to those that came before it- certainly in the lifetime of most of us.

By and large, we are confined to our own dorms, technology and social media never more important than before, never more necessary. It’s as if some have been brought to realise that it can be used for real good, bridging gaps and helping each other more. Travel abroad never seeming more of an alien concept.

But one thing this period represents (and no more so than this year, and possibly a few others in the future, if we’re honest), is an opportunity for renewal. Whether you’re contemplating going back to that (food) item you gave up for Lent or considering what you will do going forward (in what can be called Resolution Part 2), we have an opportunity to reflect on where we are in our lives, and all being well, what we want to do, and where we want to go when we are on the other side of this.

What was that? Pub, you say? 🍺 🤣

Writing-aside, I’ve had the opportunity to meditate and examine myself (and didn’t even need a torch and full-length mirror to achieve it) as well as what I’ve learned- both serious and silly.

And this is where I’m inviting you to participate. Using the comment box below (if you so wish), let’s share what we have learned, either in terms of ourselves or facts- the sillier the better 😊 We can spread some Easter cheer (or is that Christmas? 🤔)

Thank you for reading, and Happy Easter.

3 thoughts on “Extra Significance 🙏🏿🍫🐣

  1. Lanre you clearly hid your light under a bush when we worked together; your talent is wasted at work (deliberately not saying where x) .
    You seem happy and that’s all could want for you x

    Sue x

    1. Definitely agree with the above comment. Always have thought your talents were well in advance of anything you let on to have or play down. Dont stop writing i cant write enough how much i enjoy your words.

      The pub comment went down well too 😉 not as well as the first beer after quarantine though 🙂

      stay safe

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