Today’s Date (Jon)

Eyes opened. Darkness to light,

Jon’s room back into sight,

“Ow, man!” was what he said,

Back in pain, the sofa no match for his bed.


Looking at the ceiling,

Slightly peeling,

And despite the lockdown,

Came a different feeling,

That could fill this small town.


A place Jon now calls home,

With a garden,

Where dog Sandy could roam,

Without needing a pardon.


Just as well, as those in charge,

Closed the park,

They could tell, numbers too large,

At the 1 week mark.


On most days,

In most ways,

Meant not doing much,

So as such,

Jon returned to a dating app,

That he once thought a trap.


The second he got there,

He immediately saw the hair,

Red as the day is long,

And a smile, so beautiful, it seemed wrong.


Simone was her name,

That had remained the same,

Maybe the account wasn’t fake?

Was there still a chance to take?


He decided to go for it,

Lest he lost his nerve,

And split.


But as he sat prepared,

Ready to press on,

A chat box appeared,

With the words “Hi Jon”


Pondering his own text,

A 😊 came next,

And Jon’s excitement grew,

He didn’t mean for it to,

But from his cap to his shoe,

Suddenly, there was nothing he couldn’t do.


Well, almost nothing…


When they spoke before,

Building a great rapport,

He delayed asking her out,

His mind filling with doubt.


In the midst of his move,

He lost his groove,

And when he finally came to it,

The lockdown hit.


All the while, he had a wish.

That this smile wasn’t a catfish.

But a chat with Will, his cynical friend,

And he decided that was the end.


A couple of weeks after,

With not much laughter,

The chat box is on screen,

And Jon is once again keen.


This time, he wasn’t going to fumble,

Or take the proverbial tumble,

He was going to reach for the sky,

And begin with “Simone. Hi”


Well, it’s a start 🤦‍♂️


The chat flowed, was natural,

And never slowed,

“I was going to ask you out” he confessed.

Simone stopped typing and Jon was stressed.


He was about to close the chat,

Feeling very flat,

At the prospect of being ghosted,

When a picture was posted.


A bottle of wine,

The label pretty fine.

Jon could understand,

So posted his drink, also unplanned.


All fear and pride were swallowed,

As contact details followed,

That chat was great,

Now Jon couldn’t wait,

To have that very first ‘date’…


From his nap, Jon was revived,

Having previously shaved,

And with Sandy well behaved,

The moment had arrived.


With a faster heartbeat,

And now sat in his seat,

The webcam was showing,

And the screen glowing.


Then time stood still,

With an accompanying chill,

Will’s words in mind,

His nerves fell behind,


What if this was a scam?

An elaborate sham?…

Ringing stopped his thought,

And as if he’d been caught,

He felt guilt,

For the doubt he built.


The video call ID,

Clear for Jon to see,

Put all doubts to bed,

He clicked to begin,

And go ahead.


Greeted by a that smile,

And a definite style,

Simone was very real,

Jon delighted by this reveal.


So, Jon and Simone finally met,

And neither would soon forget,

A welcome distraction,

With added attraction,

At least that’s how it seemed,

More than Jon could have dreamed.


Certainly not the last,

As they had such a blast,

Little did they know, when planning the next video call,

That after Thursday, it wasn’t to happen at all.


They were in for a big surprise,

One huge in size,

While clapping, their jaws hit the floor,

When they discovered, the other lived next door…

-Lanre (15/04/2020)


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