Unexpectedly Creative October 🎥📻

I watched the film, and it really brought what was already a wacky script to life. The process I was involved was great fun, so I can only imagine how the others felt with the other parts of the team felt.

It did show me that a short can be filmed safely during these times, and offers hope that Three Knocks or any other film I’m a part of can still be viable.

I say I saw the film. That is true, but it was the version that was submitted as part of the challenge. It is still subject to further edits and cleaning up before anyone in the team will make it public, and I’m looking forward to doing so.

Reflecting on the rest of October, I refer you back to my initial foray into audio writing and I’m now toying with a few other ideas and seeking opportunities while ‘Alley’ takes pride of place in a digital in-tray for future consideration.

I’ve also worked on other projects of mine- including reworking the ending of ‘Today’s Date’ which I have deliberately let gather dust so I could somewhat objectively re-examine it. I’ll seek further feedback before I decide what to do with it 🤔

‘(Un)Civility’ and ‘Must Not Run’ are in the hands of a table-reading group, who are seeking actors and deciding what to do with it. I’m actually hoping they are going to be brutally honest with their feedback so I can assess their viability 🙈

And lastly, children’s fiction. I fell into (the idea of) it earlier this year, and scribbled down a couple of ideas. I’ve enjoyed re-drafting them and look forward to doing more with them as this year draws to a close.

So, yes, an unexpectedly busy October. Let’s hope the rest of this year is even more busy…

Thank you for reading.


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